van Doorninck: Cut the cost of Medicare/Medicaid |

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van Doorninck: Cut the cost of Medicare/Medicaid

A cut in drug costs to Medicare and Medicaid seems like an effective way to reduce the federal deficit and help keep these safety nets solvent. Lowering the age of eligibility for Medicare will also lower the cost per year per beneficiary, in that younger beneficiaries do not need as much care. Access to health care would not have to be cut. A side benefit of such policies is to help resolve the universally acclaimed foolish impasse in Congress over spending cuts and tax increases. Many have heard this view articulated recently by an investigative report on PBS and Time magazine.

Medicare has been an efficient deliverer of health care by controlling hospital costs and provider reimbursement. If Congress authorizes Medicare to use its purchasing power to control drug costs, Medicare will be even more efficient.

Bill van Doorninck,