Voter registration deadline dawns in Summit County |

Voter registration deadline dawns in Summit County

Caddie Nath
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Let the peoples vote

Today is the last day to register to vote for the 2012 general election on Nov. 6.

Voters can register or activate their status online or on paper.

New Colorado voters who have registered previously in other states do need to re-register in Colorado by today’s deadline.

People who have registered to vote in other Colorado jurisdictions, but will be voting in Summit County do not need to re-register but may want to update voter information online.

“Colorado is its own thing,” Summit County Clerk and Recorder Kathy Neel said. “If you were registered in another city in Colorado, we could just pull that voter registration over, but if you registered out of state you definitely have to be registered (in Colorado) by today.”

Online registration requires a Colorado driver’s license or identification card number, but recent arrivals to Colorado can fill out paper registrations available on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

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At the polls, however, voters can provide the last four digits of their social security number to vote, but they need to have a valid driver’s license or ID card and out-of-state identification won’t cut it.

“Those who show up at the polls without proper ID will be offered a provisional ballot,” Neel stated. “Valid provisional ballots are not counted until well after Election Day.”

Provisional ballots do sway elections, however.

Voters who have registered before, but did not cast a ballot in the 2010 election or if election mail has been returned undeliverable may be listed as “inactive” in the state system. Voter registration needs to be active for individuals to receive mail ballots, but inactive voters can vote at the polls during early voting or on Election Day without any problems. The act of voting will also activate the individual’s status in the state system.

Mail ballots will be sent out Monday. Voters should begin receiving them within the week. Anyone registered to vote by mail who has not received a ballot by Oct. 22 should contact Neel’s office.

Additional questions can be directed to the Summit County election office at (970) 453-3479.

Sign up to vote online at

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