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White: Summit’s bus bureaucracy

Seems like our free Summit Stage bus drivers are complaining again. Those of us paying the bill for this “free” service are getting a bit tired of hearing how the drivers are under paid, over worked, and now apparently driving broken down buses. Given that the driver’s union has squeezed every dime possible out of Summit County tax payers for their excessive pay increases over the years, it is little wonder that the system is not financially sound. When unions shake down tax payers typically waste, inefficiency, and bankruptcy soon follow. Here’s my advice to our county commissioners: 1) Toss the union into the trash can. A strike would be great and save taxpayers a ton of money. Hire replacements that complain less. 2) Rationalize driver salary and benefits to market levels. Cut the current bloated pension benefits. 3) Fully privatize the operation. 4) Start charging 50 cents a ride, then realign routes to match resulting demand.

Seth White, Breckenridge