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White: What does the ‘I’ stand for in BreckenrIdge?

Desmond White

Ice and snow? Breckenridge depends on it for its existence but shouldn’t take incoming visitors for granted.

Is it I for the Information center on Main Street? Not in our experience! When my wife asked what is happening during the next few weeks she was told the only events coming up were Thanksgiving (yes really!) and the Christmas lights.

Perhaps it’s I for Inspirational? The opening night of “A Christmas Carol” at the Backstage Theater was great. Congratulations to the whole theatre company for their latest production. Everyone should go and see their Incredible performance!

Whilst at the theater we learned of Saturday’s Film Festival – not mentioned by the Information Centre – Incomprehensible?

Maybe I is for Inexplicably unfriendly! I saw a Summit News advert to join the Saturday 17th Senior Tennis Court Time. “Show up on a per time basis” it said. I paid at reception and was practicing with a few others for 10 minutes until it began. A lady asked my name and said “you’re not on my list we’ve got too many you can come tomorrow?”

I went skiing on Peak 8 Thursday and Friday with a pass. What about visitors paying $70 a day for two runs? Not to mention $11 for a hot chocolate and a tea? I asked two very polite helpers manning the “I” post by the restaurant about friends’ discounts available on my pass – they were extremely pleasant but Inaccurately Informed. On the other hand a lady colleague of theirs greeted us at the base station with Infectious charm – she even knew where the Summit News dispenser box was at the top!

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The Irony is, I have always thought Breckenridge is great, but sense a “Vail of Indifference.”

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