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Whitney: Four years of President Obama is enough

Darrell Whitney, Copper Mountain

Donna Every you have a lot of talking points without facts.

The fact is President Obama had four years and 6 trillion dollars to bring back the economy, he didn’t. The fact is the president had a Democratic Congress during his first two years in office. He could have passed any policy he needed to in order to improve the economy, he didn’t. President Obama’s urgency should have been the economy but instead he pursued a policy of health care reform. The Republican Congress pushed through three budgets and the Senate of Democrats have not, by law, submitted a budget as to this day. The President gambled the taxpayers money away on green energy company’s, like Solyndra, that have failed and the Republicans had nothing to do with it. The gun running operation caused an American to die and the President pardoned the guilty parties and that too, the Republicans had thing to do with. The President promised to make college affordable but in the past year average four year in state tuition rates have increased 4.8 percent. Recently an Ambassador was murdered in Benghazi and the Presidents’s administration hid the facts. Obamacare and killing Osama Bin Laden has not improved life in America.

Saying that the Republican Party is responsible for the failures of the president will not make me vote for him. He had four years to make change and hope and he has not done so. We will never be able to tax and spend our way out of this. It will take Americans going to work. It is time for President Obama to step down and give another great American a chance to improve the status of our country.

Darrell Whitney, Copper Mountain

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