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Wickert: Elect a president who will turn things around

Alan Wickert

Re: “Moral soul of country is important,” by Ed Billeaud, letters, Oct. 20

The points Ed Billeaud opens with are important points. The moral values of the country should be high but, as with many liberals, he uses labels to paint Mitt Romney with untruths; thuggery, racism, hatred, intimidation and suppression? I think not. When careful examination of the facts over the past almost four years yields answers that they (Obama supporters) don’t like, their plan is to fall back on innuendo, name-calling and insinuation. Unfortunately, they are baseless generalities with no documentation, just accusations. If he really wants to know about racism, Ed Billeaud should read Noemie Emery’s article Addicted to Race in the Oct. 22 edition of The Weekly Standard. Call me, I will send you a copy.

Rather than hurling unfounded, unsupported insults, examine the facts. There is a stark choice; four more years of low growth, high unemployment, rising taxes for everyone, continued high fuel costs, fewer doctors willing to treat Medicare seniors and more worldwide uncertainty or elect a president who will turn things around, Gov. Mitt Romney.

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