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Wilson: Supports Hamner for HD61

As the current State Representative of HD 61, I endorse Millie Hamner.

I’m thankful; I’m ecstatic, that Millie Hamner, with whom I’ve served the last two years, is now running for HD 61. In her first term she astounded her fellow legislators with her ability to pass legislation. She bucked the partisan trend.

In the 2011 session she ran bills to identify solutions for safety and congestion on I70, incentivize the use of biomass for energy, streamline teacher licensure, protect law enforcement service animals, continue the boater safety program, and create the voluntary tax check-off for the Round-up River Ranch Camp for children with serious illnesses. In the 2012 session her bills strengthened stalking laws, continued forest restoration programs, streamlined and consolidated license plates to improve public safety, and created a new K-3 reading literacy process that will be a model for other states.

Millie will protect the quality and quantity of Western Slope water. She will work to establish a long-term plan that emphasizes conservation so future generations will have this precious resource to power tourism, agriculture, and our lives. She has passed legislation to promote forest health. Millie believes in smart energy development emphasizing responsible development of traditional resources that does not threaten the health of our land or citizens and the continued support for renewable sources that provide new jobs and help the environment.

But aside from her great track record, from her leadership and level of respect among her fellow legislators, she is just plain likable. Bright eyed and always with a smile she makes a great listener. As an educator, school superintendent, and mountain community resident for over 30 years, she knows the issues, is great with people, and will continue to make us proud as our representative in the Colorado House.