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Wittrock: Big Bird has nothing to fear from Republicans

Joseph WittrockDillon

Re: “The killing of Big Bird,” by Howard Hallman, letters, Oct. 9And the obligatory letter from the leftward land of silliness, under the category of ‘Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, and to kill granny’, this week we have Big Bird in the crosshairs. A quick check of Wikipedia for the “Sesame Workshop” shows too many current merchandising licenses to list here, but a abbreviated sample would be: Procter & Gamble (Pampers diapers), Fisher-Price (Tickle me Elmo), Nakajima USA, Build-A-Bear Workshop (Build-An-Elmo, Build-A-Cookie Monster, And Build-A-Big Bird), GUND, Wooly Willy, Betty Crocker (Elmo Fruit Snacks), C&D Visionary (air fresheners) and Children’s Apparel Network. Former licenses include Applause, Child Dimension, Gibson Greetings, Gorham Fine China, Ideal Toys, Milton Bradley Company, Nintendo, Palisades Toys, Questor, Radio Shack, Tyco, and the Western Publishing Company. And my personal favorite, for the little capitalist, Hasbro’s Sesame Street Monopoly. We also have theme parks, live performances, and of course its international co-productions, “Barrio Sesamo,” “Plaza Sesamo,” and “Sesamstraat.” Where is Occupy Sesame Street, because Big Bird is obviously a 1 percenter?So, Big Bird has nothing to fear from Republicans, unless of course he decides to go hunting with Dick Cheney. This letter is brought to you by the number 45 and the letters, “M” and “R.” For those of you in Frisco, that would be Mitt Romney, 45th president of the United States.

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