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Wrangler: Won’t be coming back to Colorado

We live in the beautiful city of Surprise, Ariz., and love our falls, winters and springs with blue skies, wonderful temperatures and flowers all year long. The last nine summers we have been coming to Breckenridge and renting a house to enjoy your cooler temperatures, fun little shops, great restaurants and fun weekend programs county wide. The owners of the house we rented this summer passed on an email they received from the town of Breckenridge, to let us know about the water restrictions. We took shorter showers, only ran the washer and dishwasher when they were full, watered the lawn and flowers on our designated days of the week and never washed the car in the driveway. We were well aware of the sparse snow season you had suffered through and watched as Lake Dillon got lower and lower. We were so unhappy to see then the town watered their planters and beautiful hanging baskets in the morning that they would water them until the water ran out and across the sidewalk and streets and when the plants in the mediums along Highway 9 across from the rec center were watered to the point of water running across the road on both sides. I guess it was a case of do what we say, not as we do. We left the Wednesday after Labor Day and headed to Denver to spend the month of September with our daughter and her family who live there, before heading back home. We saw on the news that the snow guns are firing up to make the artificial snow so the ski area can bring the tourists in and charge them $102.00 a day to ski. How can they justify using that water when you are in a drought? We have decided we are not coming back to Colorado next summer. Obviously your citizens in danger of forest fires mean nothing to your almighty dollar.