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Yarosh: Urges people to vote for Bruce Brown for DA

It troubles me to observe how partisan criminal justice has become in Summit County.

My fellow voters will be surprised to learn that Mark Hurlbert, our current district attorney, recently took over as chair of the Summit County Republican Party, in part to ensure job security for his deputy, who is running to replace him.

To have an incumbent, especially one whose bid to alter term limits for his office was soundly defeated by the voters of Summit County in 2010, be so blatantly partisan is unprecented in the political history of our state.

Bruce Brown, the Democratic candidate for district attorney represents a clear choice for achieving just results, i.e. truly effective administration of justice in the 5th Judicial District, which encompasses Summit County, and also includes Clear Creek, Eagle and Lake counties.

I urge my neighbors throughout our county to vote for Bruce Brown, Democrat for District Attorney.