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Zebarth: Voting against incumbents, regardless of affiliation

Several of our incumbent Colorado U.S. senators and representatives are running for re-election. In case some of my fellow voters have forgotten, it wasn’t that long ago the opinion polls around the country found that the favorable index of the seated Congress ranged all the way from 8 percent to a high of 12 percent. I assume family members included in the surveys could account for the numbers being so high. So why would we now re-elect these people? I guess in the case of our Colorado politicians we can examine their records in Washington to see if there is some activity or statesmanship that might differentiate our people from the clowns the other states sent to Congress. I tried to find something, but I can’t. Seems our people were about as productive as the rest of their Washington compatriots. So I’m voting against the incumbents, regardless of party affiliation. Any replacement bodies have got to be an improvement to the current Congress.

Tom Zebarth, Blue River