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Zylstra: Not all diabetics are the same

Margaret Zylstra, Dillon

I read with interest the article by David “Woody” Woodland, PhD, regarding “The Petri Dish: Not All Fat is Bad.” While very interesting and educational I take offense to his statement…”diabetes, a disease associated with excessive weight gain and lack of exercise.” Obviously Dr. is a highly educated individual, but he makes the common mistake of lumping all diabetics together. All diabetics are NOT the same. Type 2 diabetes is associated with excessive weight gain, obesity and lack of ecercise, NOT Type 1 diabetes

For people like me, a Type 1 diabetic for 41 years, it is extremely unfortunate that they have the same name and that educated people like Dr. Woodland do not make a distinction between the two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. In Type 1 diabetes the body does not produce insulin. The one similarity that types 1 and 2 diabetes share is the inability to properly process sugar (glucose) in the blood. Unfortunately most people, including Dr. Woodland, mistakenly assume all diabetics have brought the condition on themselves or can cure it by changing their diet or getting more exercise. For some Type 2 diabetics changing their diet and getting exercise is a cure. Currently there is no cure other than daily insulin injections or an insulin pump for Type 1 diabetics.

Dr. Woodland’s generalized statement infuriates people like me. The lack of understanding by the public regarding the differences between the two types of diabetes is difficult enough. Adding weight gain and lack of exercise to the list of relentless issues Type 1 diabetics face is uncalled for and unnecessary.

Margaret Zylstra, Dillon

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