Bannister: Amphitheater crowd not over the top |

Bannister: Amphitheater crowd not over the top

I would like to offer a counter point to the recent negative publicity in regards to the music of Pink Floyd covered by The Machine at the Dillon Amphitheatre. For the full duration of the show I was 15 feet from the stage in front of the lead guitarist. Not only did I get to see one of the most impressive concerts and displays of musicianship in recent memory but I was also pleasantly surprised by how well the crowd was behaved. People certainly tend to "indulge" themselves at concerts and sometimes overindulge. Everyone I saw at The Machine was courteous to their neighbors and it was obvious they were primarily there to see the music, not get intoxicated. While I certainly saw people drinking and could occasionally smell cannabis smoke I was surprised at how little substance use was occurring. Compared to the excess that I have routinely seen at other shows the audience at the Dillon Amphitheatre that night helped create a very enjoyable experience for my friends and myself. After living in Dillon for six years I can say that this is the best (and wildly most popular) concert I have seen in the county and look forward to seeing may more like it. I hope the negative experiences of a few do not prevent the town from continuing this great tradition. As we live in a tourist town I believe events like this are key to prosperity of all here.


Mike Bannister