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Hood: Town of Montezuma, Summit County rise to the occasion

When times get tough, people come together and you really learn what a community is made of. A small flood wreaked havoc on Montezuma Road. The damage was significant. What happened next was unbelievable. Many county entities quickly got to work to solve a myriad of problems. The sheriff's department was on the scene to coordinate this nightmare. Summit County Road and Bridge had their equipment up the road in a flash. There were many people behind the scenes trying to figure out solutions, such as where to put a temporary bridge and how to get one here quickly. Phone lines were repaired. The new mayor of Montezuma was thrown into the deep end and came up swimming! Lines of communication were formed. Landowners were consulted and agreements were made. Traffic plans were in place. The Red Cross sheltered some folks. The Summit Stage drivers were angels of mercy, helping cart bicycles, groceries, and residents while offering additional shuttles whenever possible. The BOCC, Thad Knoll, and Aaron Byrne from the Summit County Landfill have been working with us to combat some logistical issues for our Montezuma business. Key to the Rockies provided us with a refuge for our family.

We just wanted to say thanks. Many people worked very long hours to get us back to our homes. There is still a lot of work to do. We really appreciate all your efforts.

Molly and Ed Hood

Hood Landscaping

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