Johnson: Rock concert expectations |

Johnson: Rock concert expectations

The Summit Daily News on July 1 printed two letters to the editor regarding the smoking of pot at the "The Machine" concert in Dillon. Chase Byers, an 11-year-old child, lamented that the "smell of marijuana…ruined the concert" for him. While I rejoice when any 11 year old shows the intellectual capacity and moral courage to write a letter to the editor, I am left to wonder where his parents were on the night of the show. I myself am the father of an 11-year-old boy, and would never dream of letting my son go to a rock concert. There are too many "adult" activities going on for him to be exposed to at his age. Then, I read Steve Smith's letter, decrying the same phenomenon at the concert. Mr. Smith, however, says that he "retired" here in Colorado, and he is "starting to regret" his choice. To Mr. Smith, who is, I assume, in his sixties or thereabouts, I can only reply, "Dude, don't tell me you've never been to a rock concert." A Pink Floyd tribute band with a light show… And you really expected people to not smoke dope? C'mon, man. Let's not kid each other. I realize that smoking weed in public is still illegal, and I do honestly wish people would abide by the law. But, having said that, I also realize that humans are humans, and will do as they see fit, regardless of the law sometimes. What sensitive people need to do is to wake up and be realistic: illicit activities will occur at rock concerts. This is a fact. Last year, I caught the Air Force Falconaires jazz concert, and ya know what? Nary a hint of Mary Jane on the breeze…

Jeff Johnson