Johnston: An ideology of guns and Jesus don’t mix |

Johnston: An ideology of guns and Jesus don’t mix

Re: "Serving up a big helping of Second Amendment," Monday, June 30:

I wonder what happens at Shooters when a customer complains about the food or the service or doesn't leave a big enough tip. More importantly, I have to wonder what brand of Christianity Lauren Boebert embraces. Not the brand that Jesus Christ lived and died for, that's for sure.

Guns and Jesus? For truly Christian people, that phrase is a sacrilege. Remember Jesus' words to the follower who cut off the ear of one of the soldiers who had come to arrest him: "Put your sword away. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword." (Mt. 26:52). Remember St. Paul's proclamation: "God's power lies in the powerlessness of the cross." People of authentic Christian faith are fearless. They don't depend on the false security gun ownership provides. They don't need to.

Rosemary Johnston

San Diego