Mast: Angels on Quandary Peak |

Mast: Angels on Quandary Peak

Angels on Quandary Peak

Yesterday I was hiking to Quandary Peak with my family … our first 14er attempt. We were all in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the summit view. Pristine is all I could say! But I was overwhelmed to observe the best of the human spirit on our descent.

About 200 feet below the summit, as we were crossing the field of scree, a loose rock turned under my foot and I fell, causing lacerations to my head, arms and leg. I was momentarily stunned but was aware of many people gathering around me. Some offered backpacks for me to lie on; others, a nurse and a medic in the group, bandaged my wounds and took my vitals. Someone called search and rescue. With the entourage surrounding me, we continued down the mountain; Paul, a musician from Breckenridge, holding onto my right side, and Jay and Brandon my left, with Cassie, the nurse from Denver, supporting my back. Other hikers followed offering water and food. Some we learned later chose not to summit so they could assist us. At one point someone started singing, and I commented that I was surrounded by angels! Halfway down, John from search and rescue met us, checked my vitals and escorted me down to parking. As we descended, we met several medics who again checked my vitals to ensure that I was doing well.

I have only high praise for the Summit County Rescue Group for its professionalism and compassionate care. So, my deepest thanks to all of you, John, Paul, Cassie, Jay, Brandon and those whose names I don't know. And to Bob, who offered my wife his hiking stick and accompanied her safely down the mountain. God bless each of you!

Lloyd Mast

Leola, Pennsylvannia

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