Reed: Vail Pass stretch of recpath not for beginners |

Reed: Vail Pass stretch of recpath not for beginners

I think we would all agree that the bike paths in beautiful Summit County are a treasure. The Vail Pass section that was recently repaved is particularly challenging and fun to ride. Many thanks to those who keep our bike paths so well maintained. While riding up this week, my husband and I witnessed another crash where a child with a gash in their chin had to be rescued by an ambulance. I passed this child riding down with his family and noticed immediately that his bike was too large and he was having difficulty controlling it on the steep and winding downhill curves. There were also the usual frightened novice riders of all ages trying to negotiate the steep, narrow sections on their rented bikes. This letter is not meant to criticize the small companies that are trying to capitalize on the Vail Pass bike path, but an attempt to start a dialogue that might make the riding experience safer for all riders, of all abilities. !

Advertising that the Vail Pass path is " easy, downhill riding for the whole family" is misinformation. Sections of that path are steep, technical, and scary for the novice rider. Cyclists going up the path are also at great risk when the rider coming down does not stay on the right side of the path or loses control of their bike. The shuttle companies should take the safety of all riders seriously. Safety has always been good business.

Nancy Reed