Women must have a ‘legal choice’

Re: Corina Aragon’s July 11 letter:

A well-written letter, Ms. Aragon, and I stand in your corner 100 percent, sickened and appalled by what the right wing is doing to women’s legal health rights.

It has been said the right wing is upset that many women now make more money than men and will opt to have an abortion rather than losing a high-paying job. So their solution is force them into childbirth with financial difficulties a possibility and cut all aid.

I have three daughters. Daughter No. 2 has health issues (epilepsy) and had two pregnancies resulting in miscarriages. The third effort was well under way, five months, and trouble began. Her doctor advised her to abort, saying it was very possible either she, her baby or both of them could die. My daughter, being very feisty and stubborn, knowing this was a last chance, said she was going for it. Her doctor very adamantly said the risk was severe, but if she was going to attempt this she must do as instructed or find another doctor.

Her choice: Go for it. Doctor’s advice: Quit your job, total bed rest and buy as much time as you can. Well, she bought him some precious weeks and the baby had to be delivered prematurely by C-section. He was as big as a Coke can and had more wires coming out of him than an airplane’s circuit board. Several months and several hundred thousand dollars later Jack went home on oxygen and needing special care.

Today he is 6, very smart, knows all the sports teams and has some motor-function problems, but he’s playing baseball and doing OK.

But the point is my daughter had a legal choice and that is how it should be.

Ms. Aragon, tell your women to read the Greek epic “Lysistrata” and practice it faithfully.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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