Fanning: Who is President Obama calling phony?

Who is President Obama calling phony?

I listened to president Obama give his usual campaign stump speech. Blame, divide, insult, take credit, and use the newest White House talking point to divert attention from the scandals by calling them phony. His press secretary used the same phrase, “phony scandals” as did some Democrat senators and representatives. His complicit media has taken up his mantra.

This is the same man who in May vowed he would get to the bottom of the Benghazi debacle, find out exactly what happen, and bring those responsible to justice. This is the same man who referred to what happened at the IRS very serious as the American people must never lose trust in this agency. He vowed to get to the bottom of it and hold those responsible accountable. This is the same man who stated categorically journalists should not be targeted and called on the Attorney General to review policies and report back to him.

So, the usual White House diversion tactic is at play and his swooning media is going along for their usual ride. I say Obama is the phony!

John Fanning


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