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Women’s Health

Marijuana not Midol: Cannabis-infused suppositories ease menstrual cramps

March 8, 2017 — Elana Halpern has struggled with severe menstrual cramps for as long as she can remember. Experimenting with different remedies, at one point she went on birth control to try to combat the debilitating pain, but didn't like side effects the drug came with. As a […]

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3 steps to breast cancer early detection

October 25, 2016 — By Katie Coakley, brought to you by Kaiser Permanente. You might have seen those pink ribbons popping up around town. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, designed not only to help those affected with the disease through early detection, education and support services, but also […]

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How to perfect women’s work/life balance (sponsored)

August 15, 2016 — By Jessica Smith, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't something that just occurs naturally. You have to work at it, plan it and then incorporate it into your daily life. Women deal with a particular set of health risks and issues, many […]

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6 things women can do to reduce the risk of heart disease

August 15, 2016 — After having a heart attack, Laura Sterner lost her means of managing her life-threatening condition. Then she found Kaiser Permanente. Living without health insurance was about to catch up with Laura Sterner. When Kaiser Permanente cardiologist Chris Lowery, MD, first saw this new patient, he […]

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4 reasons why to have a workout buddy

August 15, 2016 — When 44-year-old Beth Bershader first began exploring easy day hikes with her husband, Keith, in the 1990s, she never could have imagined they would climb the 100 highest peaks in Colorado. Every single one. The Bershaders conquered their 100th summit in September as they had […]

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How to motivate your partner without sounding like a nag

August 15, 2016 — You want to run but your buddy is done? Consider this advice for encouraging an unmotivated partner, constructively. Make sure the activity is something you both still enjoy. Place high value on the relationship. Convey an attitude that says, I want to be with you, […]

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