Calendar Help

Summit Daily is unveiling a new events calendar that we think will improve your experience of searching and posting events. Here’s how the calendar looks — and how you can use it: calendar-howto
Here’s how to post your event. Click on + Add an Event link in the top right hand corner. This is the page you will see. calendar-howto2
The location should be set to where you are currently but if you need this to change, simple click on the location and type in where you want it to be. calendar-howto3
Once you have the city, type the name of the place (venue) where the event will be. Some locations will show in a drop down menu. If your location is not one of them, you must click the “ADD NEW” button to add it. calendar-howto4
To add a new venue, type in the venue name, then add the street address, city and zip code. This will save it for the next time you want to pick this place as a location. A phone number is not required but helpful. calendar-howto5
Next, enter the date of the event and then the name of the event. If you don‘t see your event, you must click the ADD NEW button to add it. calendar-howto6
Next, add some details about your event; length of time, cost, if it’s recurring and a brief description so people know what to expect. calendar-howto7
If you have photos, a flyer, videos or relevant links you want to share, add those as well. calendar-howto8
Now include contact information so people can find out more information. calendar-howto9
Last, make sure everything you entered is correct and how you want it to appear. When you’re satisfied, click next. You will now have the option to upgrade your listing to one of our featured spots. Choose a pre-determined campaign, a custom campaign for as low as $15 a day or continue to submit the free basic event. calendar-howto10
When you’re satisfied, click CHECKOUT. You will see a preview of your event details. All events are reviewed within 1 hour and you will receive an email confirmation with information about how to update, edit or delete your event. calendar-howto11