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A WAVE builds: Four-day art festival will soon transform downtown Breckenridge

The interactive art instillation “Angels of Freedom” by OGE Group is one of a number that will transform downtown Breckenridge during the free, four-day WAVE festival May 31-June 3.
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The installations and projects The WAVE festival, celebrating all things that deal with light, water and sound, will roll back into Breckenridge May 31 to June 3 with a wide variety of public art installations, musical performances and much more. Below is a lineup of some of the festival offerings. For more information, including a complete schedule of dates and times, go online to to BreckCreate.org/wave. • Les Luminéoles by Porté par le Vent — An aerial ballet of colorfully lit helium kites that dance in the wind over the Blue River each evening.  • Elantica by Tom Dekyvere — An installation that invites the visitors to explore a digital landscape made out of illuminated circuit boards. • Angels of Freedom by OGE Group — A social installation that invites visitors to photograph themselves as angels with brightly lit wings and halos. • Place/d by Stephanie Imbeau — An installation of tumbling and flowing clusters of lit umbrellas, inspired by the rocks along the Blue River’s path.  • Aura by Julie Hughes — A kaleidoscopic installation, celebrating color and light, composed of tens of thousands of hand-painted pieces. • Interphase by Cacheflowe + AudioPixel — A sculpture that invites visitors to create synchronized sound and light compositions with unique physical inputs.  • IMPULSE by Lateral Office and CS Design —  A series of interactive, acoustic, illuminated seesaws that respond and transform when in motion. • Les éléments du NRO with National Repertory Orchestra — A performance by a woodwind quintet to accompany the flight of Les Luminéoles. • Through the Blue with cellist Russick Smith — A concert of cascading melodies on a tiny island between the banks of the Blue River. • WAVE Reels with Breckenridge Film Festival — A collection of short films dedicated to different themes within the WAVE exhibition. • LightCycles: A Community Bike Ride — An event that encourages local cyclists to light up their bikes for a parade through the WAVE exhibition site.  Source: Breckenridge Creative Arts

At the end of the month, an armada of artists will turn Breckenridge into an open-air gallery of lights, illuminated sculptures, projections and digital art as WAVE returns to the mountains.

The free four-night festival runs from May 31 to June 3, and it remains entirely focused on light, water and sound. To get more information about WAVE, including a complete schedule of dates and times, go online to BreckCreate.org/wave.

For WAVE, organizers have produced an enticing lineup of cutting-edge artwork that will radically change the way people see the heart of downtown Breckenridge in and around the Blue River Plaza while bridges and waterfront areas become canvases, stages and exhibition space. 

In addition to the temporary installations of artwork curated around any one or more of WAVE’s three main themes, the festival also features musical performances, screenings, digital art and eye candy of all sizes for the entire family.

Set amid the backdrop of the Tenmile Range in one of Colorado’s most historic and scenic towns, WAVE runs from 3-11 p.m. each day of the festival.

The lineup features some artists who’ve created installations for WAVE before with some new things to show off. Last year, Tom Dekyvere strung illuminated ropes from trees and other fixed structures to create a dazzling display. Now, the Belgium artist is going to be creating his vision of “Elantica,” described as an installation that invites people to explore a digital landscape made out of illuminated circuit boards. 

Other artists are making their way to Breckenridge from Canada, France, Israel and Germany, just to name a few.

Festivalgoers can also enjoy collaborative projects with Breckenridge Film Festival, Keystone Science School and National Repertory Orchestra, along with a variety of pop-up performances, artist talks, workshops and late-night experiments.

Launched in 2016, WAVE was conceived by Breckenridge Creative Arts as an event to showcase contemporary, interactive art within the context of the local landscape, with temporary installations to activate the popular riverfront area. 

In addition to serving as the kickoff event to the town’s busy summer cultural season, WAVE promises to spark imaginations with the latest technologies and creative practice, while helping redefine the way people think about and experience public art. 

“WAVE exemplifies the idea that art is for everyone,” said Robb Woulfe, BCA’s president and CEO, which puts on the annual festival. “The large-scale, interactive artworks are freely accessible to all, and inviting in a way that traditional gallery exhibitions often are not. This creates unique opportunities for interaction and collaboration among diverse members of our community.”

Funding for the festival was provided by the town and National Endowment for the Arts, with additional media support from Mountain Living. 

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