This week in Summit County history: Husband granted divorce for ‘love powders’ |

This week in Summit County history: Husband granted divorce for ‘love powders’

Compiled by the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
View of Breckenridge looking east toward Ford Hill (Colorado) in 1899​.
From the Summit Historical Society Photograph Collection, Courtesy of the Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Archives |

Chicago—Adolph Kausal, musician, is a single man again because his wife was so anxious to hold his love that she put love powders in his food and even his shoes. Kausal told Judge Thomson the powders ruined his stomach. He was given the divorce he asked.

Wife Should help her husband

Des Moines, Ia.—The Iowa supreme court, in session here, has handed down several Solomonic decisions. In one ruling, the court held that confession of a crime on the part of a husband does not constitute grounds for divorce proceedings.

“It ill becomes a wife,” said the court, “to prefer criminal charges against her husband. She took him for better or for worse, and she should try to redeem him.”

In the same decision the court defined a habitual drunkard as “one who becomes even moderately intoxicated whenever the opportunity is presented.”

Wise dog dodges a train

Princeton, W. Va.—Several person witnessed a remarkable display of canine intelligence here when a foxhound belonging to James McPherson saved himself from death under a train on the railroad bridge at Black Lick, four miles west of here. The bridge is 207 feet high.

The dog was pursuing a fox across the bridge when the train came rapidly upon the chase. Witnesses thought the dog had been killed and the owner walked out on the bridge to see what had become of his pet. To his surprise, he found the dog near the center of the bridge hanging by his feet between the ties and unharmed. The fox was killed.

Unfaithful wife

As a punishment for his wife’s faithlessness, F.P. Cahill, wealthy automobile dealer of Wichita, Kan., proposes to force his bride of a month to marry the man he charges she plotted with to mulct him out of his money and then dispose of him.

Prisoners captured

After an all-night search through the woods of the estate of John D. Rockefeller, during which one of the six convicts who escaped from Sing Sing was shot and wounded, all the prisoners were rounded up and captured.

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