This week in Summit County history: ‘No such thing as a vacant house’ |

This week in Summit County history: ‘No such thing as a vacant house’

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week in History
Photograph reprint showing the view of Main Street, Breckenridge circa 1880s, looking north. Pedestrians stand along the wooden boardwalk and horse-drawn wagons heavily loaded with ore crowd the dirt street. In the foreground is a carriage or buggy with women passengers. Frame buildings line both sides of the street. The curvilinear, false fronted Arlington House (Hotel) is on the left, with people standing on the balcony that tops the open porch. A sign that reads "Drug Store" hangs above the boardwalk, advertising for Turk's store.
From the Summit Historical Society Collection, Courtesy of the Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Archive |

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of Oct. 3-7.

Jack Harlan of the Wellington company has purchased the residence property on Main street occupied by Dr. W.W. Giberson and the latter has joined the ranks of the many who are looking for a roof to ward off winter snows. There is no such thing as a vacant house in town and many are in demand.

Man drowns in well way at dredge

Jerry Reardon, aged 23, was drowned Monday morning at the dredge of the French Gulch Dredging company, when he fell into the well-way.

How the accident happened is not known, none of his fellow workmen having seen him fall. He had been engaged in cleaning up on the save-all sluice, and it is thought that he slipped or stumbled, plunging to his death. McKelvey who was working near him at the time, was the first to miss him and on investigation, found him floundering in the well-way. He called for aid and workmen on the boat rushed to the rescue, but owing to the depth and narrowness of the well-way, had much difficulty in reaching him. When the body was laid on the deck, life was extinct.

COplen Challenges 160-pounders

George Coplen, a 26-year-old boxer, weighing 160 pounds, issues a challenge to box any 160-pound man in the state, 10, 20 or any number of rounds. Coplen came here recently from Cripple Creek and is employed at the Rilla Mine.

Young deserter mustered out

Fredrick W. Matheisson, the 22-year-old son of an Illinois millionaire, who deserted last July from Company B. Engineer Corps, of the Colorado guard, to complete his honeymoon, will escape the rigorous penalty customary in such cases. His company, a college unit from Boulder, was mustered out of the federal service to permit its members to return to their classrooms. Young Matheisson was given his release at the same time. His action in voluntarily returning and giving himself up inclined his superior officers toward leniency.

Prominent mining men here

T.D. Kyle, George Campion and John Cortellini of Leadville, all prominent in mining circles, were visitors in this district Wednesday. They did not make their mission known. From the depot they went directly to the Swan River district, where they spent most of the day, presumably examining mining property in that section.

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