This week in Summit County history: Prominent eastern visitors spend week in county |

This week in Summit County history: Prominent eastern visitors spend week in county

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week in History
Photograph reprint showing the view of Main Street, Breckenridge circa 1880s, looking north. Pedestrians stand along the wooden boardwalk and horse-drawn wagons heavily loaded with ore crowd the dirt street. In the foreground is a carriage or buggy with women passengers. Frame buildings line both sides of the street. The curvilinear, false fronted Arlington House (Hotel) is on the left, with people standing on the balcony that tops the open porch. A sign that reads "Drug Store" hangs above the boardwalk, advertising for Turk's store.
From the Summit Historical Society Collection, Courtesy of the Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Archive |

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of Oct. 10-14.

The Roth-Jessie Mine party of Rochester, N.Y., consisting of George F. Roth and wife, William Rouch and wife, Colonel Langshaw and wife and William Herne and wife are spending the week at the Hamilton House, Dillon. They are having a jolly good time sight-seeing and otherwise making the visit an interesting and profitable one. They spent Sunday at Cataract lake, with O.K. Gaymon as chaperone.

Mrs. Wetterberg dies in Denver; Buried here

The funeral of Mrs. Segrid Wetterberg was held last Sunday from the Oweas Chapel at 2 o’clock, the services being preached by Rev. Dr. Gilberson.

Her death took place Friday of last week at St. Luke’s hospital, Denver, where she had been for several months a sufferer from cancer.

She was 40 years of age and was a native of Sweden, but had made her home here for many years.

She is survived by her husband, and two children, a girl and a boy.

Breckenridge man buys Blue River ranch

Sam Ruth, for many years a resident of Summit County, and for the last six years engaged in ranching three miles below Dillon, left Wednesday for Waterville, Maine. He was accompanied by Mrs. Ruth and two children. The family will make its permanent home in the Maine town. Mr. Ruth before leaving sold his 230-acre ranch to John Valner of this place, who, with his family, will take up his residence on the property in the spring.

Lower Blue news notes

Many people were guests at the Palmer ranch Sunday, where a fine turkey dinner was served. The forenoon was spent in witnessing what was a close approach to a wild west show, Charlie Palmer having demonstrated his skill as a bronco buster to the great delight of the interested spectators. Following the dinner, with trout and turkey constituting the principal attraction, some of the guests took rod and line and had considerable sport coaxing trout to attach themselves to the tempting hooks. Others found games of various kinds sufficient to hold their attention. Among those attending as guests, were the folliwng: Mrs. Marshall, George and Will Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Mumford, Ray Millie, Russel and the two little ones, Ed Couch, Elmer Coleman, Dave Doig and three children, Herman Bach, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dart and Mr. Harlan of Breckenridge. All had a delightful time.

Doing assessment work in McCullough Gulch

Tony Madeline, who, with Frank Greco has been engaged in doing assessment work in McCullough gulch, left Friday evening for his home in Aspen, where he was called because of the illness of a brother. Mr. Greco remains here and will complete the work on the mining properties, which he has owned for the last 16 years and in which states that he has an encouraging ore showing.

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