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Hoof, Wing and Fin sets up food truck at Outer Range Brewing in Frisco

The Hoof, Wing and Fin food truck parked outside Outer Range Brewing Co. has brought a new food option to the new brewery that’s getting great reviews and even some national attention from U.S. beer critics.
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On the menu

Three must-try menu items at the Hoof, Wing and Fin food truck serving outside Outer Range Brewing in Frisco.

1. Charcuterie — Specifically the chicken liver mousse, which comes garnished with pickled mustard seeds, homemade pickles, pickled tomatoes and cauliflower with grilled bread. However, the pickled tomatoes and cauliflower will rotate. Also, don’t overlook the beef pate and mortadella. The beef pate is a blend of the heart, liver and chuck with some fall spices and a heap of bourbon, for “the best meat loaf, served cold though, that one is ever going to have.” The mortadella is made with some toasted almonds and green olives.

2. Beef and chicken bone broths — Each broth is roasted, covered with water and simmered for 48 hours to extract the most nutrients and flavor. Hoof, Wing and Fin does not season the broths when they make them, so anyone with sodium issues can still enjoy them. They come served in either a 10-ounce cup hot or by the quart frozen for anyone who wants to take it home to drink or cook with.

3. Bone marrow rolls — Soon to hit the truck again, these tasty rolls are stuffed with homemade bone-marrow butter before the roll is baked off. This way, when someone breaks in to it, it’s like the role is already buttered “with the best ‘meaty’ butter around.”

Source: Brett Langstaff / co-owner of Hoof, Wing and Fin

Two chefs who’ve fired up a new food truck outside Outer Range Brewing Co. in Frisco aim to challenge the way everyday people think of food trucks and what they can deliver.

Don’t believe them? Try the charcuterie, suggested Brett Langstaff, one half of the two-man duo behind Hoof, Wing and Fin, a new food-truck business that began with bone broth but has since grown into much more.

Charcuterie is a French word meaning “any smoked, dry-cured or cooked meat,” and Langstaff believes the cured meats is where they really shine.

A single order of one of the meats is generally about the size of an appetizer, and a full charcuterie board — served on a disposable plate made to look like a real cutting board — can feed up to four people.

“We’re going to have different specials rotating all the time. We’ll see how people like them, but they can expect to find something different almost every day on the menu.”Brett Langstaffco-owner of Hoof, Wing and Fin

Hoof, Wing and Fin also does side salads, bone broths and more. Its owners take great pride in incorporating “a healthy element” into their lineup of off-the-beaten-path menu items, and all of the meat they serve is grass-fed and grass-finished.

More than anything, Langstaff said, he hopes people won’t see them as just another food truck, but as “a restaurant that happens to be on wheels.”

And, according to the chef, customers can also expect the menu to change often and with the seasons.

“We’re going to have different specials rotating all the time,” he said. “We’ll see how people like them, but they can expect to find something different almost every day on the menu.”

Right now, Langstaff and Greg Loonie are working on the winter menu, he said, expecting the sandwiches they’ve been serving outside the brewery to give way to an assortment of hot, hearty entrees, like an Italian pork sausage and white bean stew with smoked collard greens and a side of bread to “soak up all the goodness.”

Langstaff recalled the duo met in New York before returning to Denver to chase their dreams of running a restaurant. Langstaff is no stranger to Colorado, however, having grown up in Steamboat Springs before moving out of state.

Since returning to Colorado, the duo have made some new friends in brewery owners Lee and Emily Cleghorn, who opened Outer Range with a third partner, Ryan Chang, last winter, near Whole Foods.

Since opening, the new brewery has been getting rave reviews — and even some national attention from U.S. beer critics — but the one area in which Outer Range had been lacking was its food options.

The brewery mitigated the issue by allowing people to bring in outside food, as Outer Range does not have a menu itself. Now, Langstaff and Loonie have filled that gap by reaching an arrangement with the brewery owners that gives Outer Range a new food option while the two chefs get a place to park their restaurant on wheels while they continue to perfect their menu.

Hoof, Wing and Fin is open five days a week, Wednesday-Sunday, at the brewery.

Most days, they open at 3 p.m. and will keep serving until 8-9 p.m., depending on business traffic. On Saturdays and Sundays, they open at noon.

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