Summit 360 Video: Interstate 70 scenic overlook |

Summit 360 Video: Interstate 70 scenic overlook

Kevin Fixler /
The scenic overlook between Frisco along I-70 eastbound has some of the best views in the county.
Kevin Fixler /

Editor’s note: Summit 360 is a new series of daily 360 videos by the Summit Daily News. Check our website every day for new videos from events and places around Summit County.

The scenic overlook along Interstate 70 eastbound between Frisco and Silverthorne is a county staple. Truck drivers frequent the area with mountains as far as the eye can see for a little R & R, and passenger vehicles stop off for a picturesque view or to take a break from the post-skiing traffic. On Sunday evening, the cars eastbound scream by as a passerby drops in for a selfie.

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