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Breckenridge Restaurants

Breckenridge Restaurants – A World Tour

Yep, you came to Breckenridge to enjoy the skiing, hiking and other pleasure of this close-to-2-mile-high town, but when it comes to eating here, you came to the world. Breckenridge restaurants take you on a culinary tour that spans continents: Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Irish, Mexican, Italian, French, Mediterranean, Swiss, Cajun and, of course, American. Did we miss one or two? Probably, because Breckenridge restaurant owners strive for individuality, and niches are filled with regularity. If you want to go with the familiar and quick, such as pizza, burgers, bar-b-cue or sandwiches, you have choices that range from laid back to practically gourmet (as in pizza toppings that defy the ordinary). Steak houses are popular but so are vegetarian, vegan and juice spots. You can hop from high-class martini bars and wineries to friendly taverns, pubs and breweries. You can count on great bakeries and coffeehouses if you're wanting a quick pick me up and a sweet. Lots of these Breckenridge restaurants also entertain their patrons with live music and other special events throughout the year. And, as you can imagine in a town with so many involved and engaging chefs, your food will be locally sourced as much as possible and prepared with flair.

Breckenridge Restaurant Locations

With such a variety of cuisine choices at Breckenridge restaurants, along with it comes a fun diversity of locations. Lots of restaurants are located on Main Street in the downtown area and are easily walkable from plenty of hotels. It makes for a great night to start out with a tasty cocktail or local brew then move on to a Breckenridge restaurant around the corner (because there are lots around any corner you're on). You can also find your place in eateries inside old and new hotels, from food stands, inside retail stores and even at a yacht club. But if you head up to the mountain top, you'll get a meal with an amazing view that might just rival the food (we said might!).