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Frisco Restaurants

Fanciful Flavors at Frisco, CO, Restaurants

While Frisco, CO, may be small in size, it's big on taste. In fact that's why you'll find more than 40 restaurants in this 2-mile large town. The numerous Frisco, CO, restaurants lend themselves to a varied dining scene. Diners of all palates will have some foodie fun exploring the menagerie of bakeries, bars, grills, cafes, coffee shops, ethnic eateries and more. Go on a world-wide excursion when you try places serving Italian, German, French, Mexican, Cajun, Chinese, Japanese and even Himalayan cuisine. Frisco, CO, restaurants are primarily located either on Main Street or along Highway 9, giving you options for places you can walk to from your hotel or conveniently get off the highway as you drive to a new destination. If you prefer to stay closer to home, so to speak, other Frisco, CO, eateries capture the Colorado mountain vibe with smokehouse style ribs or platters of steak and potatoes. A characteristic of Frisco, CO, is the way the town visibly preserved its mining history, and these roots shine through today when you dine in historic buildings or in rooms outfitted in décor that evokes images of the Wild West.

The Low-Down on Frisco, CO, Restaurants

Frisco, CO, took a page out your parents' book of favorite mantras because here breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Many places operate only as breakfast and lunch eateries, and others serve all three meals. What does your day have in store? If you're hurrying to get out on the water or the slopes, pick up a coffee and massive pastry from a cafe or coffee shop. If you have the time to spare, breakfast the Frisco way by fueling up for a day of upcoming adventures. Get your protein from skillets of eggs scrambled with cheese and bacon or indulge in a stack of French toast under a powdered sugar blanket. Of course, Frisco, CO, includes plenty of dinner options that range from fast and casual places to upscale ones.