Beatles tribute show set to benefit Domus Pacis |

Beatles tribute show set to benefit Domus Pacis


When: Friday, Dec. 30, at 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge

Tickets: $35/ GA, $45/ VIP, $15/ Kids

Domus Pacis Family Respite in Summit County offers those it helps a break from the wrenching struggles of illness.

“They use the time in the mountains to heal their souls, to bring some memories to the families; positive memories in a tragic, hard time. Or people come to celebrate life, that they have been cancer free for a certain period,” said Vince White-Petteruti, treasurer and co-founder of Domus Pacis.

An annual benefit concert series is a big part of this nonprofit’s success. About a quarter of the organization’s budget comes from the concerts alone.

“Many of our volunteers will hear about the nonprofit by going to the concerts,” said White-Petteruti.

In 2016, Domus Pacis hosted 120 respites and is hoping for 140 to 160 in the upcoming year.

On Friday, Dec. 30, the Beatles cover band, Yesterday – the Beatles Tribute, will close out this year’s concert series.

Yesterday is a Las Vegas-based band that has dedicated more than 20 years to perfecting the sound of the Fab Four. Don Bellezzo, who plays John Lennon’s part and is the band’s founder, explained how the band was able to learn about half of the more than 200 songs in the band’s catalog.

“We have had the same people for many years. The band isn’t a revolving door. Each guy in the band listened to what each Beatle did and then portrays that. If there were questions, we would all talk about it,” said Bellezzo.

Because Bellezzo doesn’t read music, he had to learn the songs simply by listening.

“As a musician, I have perfect relative pitch,” he explained. “I listen to the records and then I watch the movies and videos that the Beatles made.”

In addition to Bellezzo, Frank Mendonca, Monte Mann and Tony Felicetta round out the line-up.

“These guys are amazing, they frankly look like the Beatles. To hear the music that they play and see how they perform, its obvious they have it down pat and it’s remarkable,” said White-Petteruti.

Locals can expect similar concert experiences in 2017. In addition to the four benefit shows yearly, White-Petteruti disclosed that the nonprofit is hoping to add a country western show next season.

“It will be a fairly well-known Colorado country music performer,” he remarked.

White-Petteruti hopes Yesterday – the Beatles Tribute will become another staple in the benefit concert series, like the long-standing John Denver tribute show each July.

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