Book Review: ‘POW’ by Colorado native Tim Reinholt |

Book Review: ‘POW’ by Colorado native Tim Reinholt

Good memories will keep rolling in when you read “POW,” Colorado native Tim Reinholt’s first novel, pegged as a love letter to mountain town culture.

Set in Crested Butte in the ’90s, Johnny, Sid, Joneser and Cliff — four stoner friends all with their own unique voices, quirks and skills — are living the seasonal lifestyle all in the name of skiing; working odd jobs for low pay, cramming four people into a run-down two-bedroom apartment, bemoaning the lack of women and becoming intertwined in a small mountain community. When an unbelievable secret comes out about a long-time local, one of the guys claims it is his duty to help him out anyway he can as repayment for saving his life out in the backcountry.

Hilarity ensues as the four friends come up with a risky plot most of us have dreamed about, but would never do. “POW” reminds us by the end that life is unpredictable, and that good usually comes with the bad.

While Reinholt states that it is all a work of fiction, most situations and people are clearly rooted in reality with old photos accompanying the scenes in each chapter, adding to the world the author has written for us. The towns are real, the slopes are real and mentions of the places you may have passed, visited or once lived at will make you smile.

The relatability of the book is its best feature. Reinholt’s characters will feel like your friends and their sentiments and experiences will echo your own. Throughout the entire book, you’ll keep thinking “Yep! I remember when I did that.”

On “POW”’s Facebook page, Reinholt says that he was inspired to write the book after a friend suggested he do so one spring while recalling the ski bum days on a chairlift, and the book he created reads like a fond collection of memories with some dramatics added in for the sake of a fun story and reimagining a chapter of his life.

Online, Reinholt adds: “This book is Rated PG-13 for explicit language and drug use. Coincidently, it’s about four guys living in a ski town so there is almost no sex.”

“POW” can be purchased online at

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