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History mystery solved

Each Sunday the Summit Daily prints unidentified historical photos in the calendar section as a "History Mystery." These photos have been donated to the Summit Historical Society, but come in with little to no information attached. Often times objects and photos are dropped outside the door and the archive is presented with the challenge of identifying everything about the objects. The photos printed in the Daily represent some of the difficult to identify photos and have been mulled over by several volunteers. The SHS has a large photographic collection as part of the archive, and is always accepting donations and volunteers.

A special thank you is due to Maureen Nichols, Bill Fountain, Janet Sutterley, Virginia Carpenter, Georgia and Glen for writing in and identifying locations, years and many other details for these photos. To see all of the photos that have run so far please check the Summit Daily e-edition on summitdaily.com or like the Summit Historical Society on Facebook.