Vine Street Vibes headline Barkley Ballroom in Frisco |

Vine Street Vibes headline Barkley Ballroom in Frisco

Vine Street Vibes will play The Barkley Ballroom in Frisco on Dec. 17 with Greener Grounds. Check out a Q&A with the band on page 12.
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Vine Street Vibes is a group of Colorado locals from all over the Front Range. The band will be returning to The Barkley Ballroom in Frisco on Dec. 17 with Greener Grounds. This show is part of the band’s “Nebula” album release tour.

What music are you

most influenced by?

Dylan Buddeke (bass): Definitely have heavy influences from the jam band scene as far as improvised jams, interweaving ourselves through different songs together, and overall communication on and off stage. STS9 has probably been our biggest influence to date, and really everything involved in the livetronica genre is where we get the most influence. As well as some older “acid jazz” stuff that really allows us to explore our more psychedelic side.

Can you describe your sound?

Buddeke: I would say rhythmically driven groove music with intrepid synth and guitar overtones and a touch of brass. Or — as we like to call it — electro space funk.

What separates you

from the crowd?

Dustin Cross (drums): We like to pride ourselves in delivering a truly unique performance every time we play. Being a jam band we like to stretch parts out or incorporate fresh improvisation, and often times we’ll bring in special guests, but always in a way that we’ve never done before. A lot of times we will be trying something totally different live and we’ll look back and say, “Wow, that was a crazy way to play that,” and then suddenly that becomes how we play the song. So our songs are on this fluid level of constant change and we think our fans really enjoy that level of unpredictability in our music.

What drives you as an artist?

Cross: A 1994 Chevy G20 van named Lucille. But seriously, we get most of our inspiration from our peers in similar bands in the scene. Watching our friends progress and grow with their own projects gives us a constant push to keep ourselves working hard and driving forward. Colorado is unique in that it’s not so much competitive as much as it is a network of friends trying to reach a common goal together.

Tell us about the new album

“Nebula” and what the album

is all about. The release date is

12/12/15 right?

Buddeke: “Nebula” is basically the culmination of everything we have been doing for the past year and a half, although it is not a concept album I feel that every song is a great representation of where we were as a band at that given point. It was nice to finally get in the studio to get these songs recorded because some of them we have been playing live for awhile, so we were able to kind of take a step back from the improvisation side of things and really dive into each party structurally. As a group we have all been learning and growing every day and I think these songs are a great display of that journey. “Nebula” will be released everywhere on Dec. 12 and physical copies will be available at all of our upcoming shows.

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