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5 marijuana strains paired with summer dishes (sponsored)

by LEO WOLFSON, brought to you by ORGANIX
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by Leo Wolfson, brought to you by Organix

Barbecue and summer are a match made in heaven. Grilling a savory dish, as warm rays of sun grace the skin, is the epitome of summertime. Whether you’re camping, at the park or spending time with friends in the backyard, the succulent, smoky taste of BBQ makes a perfect dish for any summertime soirée. In addition to the deliciousness of these flavors, an equally delectable side-dish can be added with marijuana. Jacob Kelley of Organix Dispensary in Breckenridge, is a self-admitted BBQ addict who also loves weed, and combines the two whenever possible.

“When it’s nice outside and you’ve got meat to cook, you’re cooking,” said Kelley with a laugh. “It (marijuana) stimulates your appetite. It’s going to make you more hungry and open up your taste buds on your tongue, and everything’s going to taste more pure.”

Working at a dispensary has allowed Kelley to master pairing different strains of marijuana with finger-lickin’ BBQ spreads. Let’s take a look at some of his favorite combo platters.

Banana Kush & Chicken:

Banana Kush offers a lighter high and sometimes takes longer to kick in than other strains of weed. As a result, B-Kush will still stimulate your palate, but at a more modest extent, coinciding perfectly with lighter meats like chicken. Chicken wings are especially delicious when eaten with the strain.

Blue Dream & Steak:

Since steak is a heavier meat, Kelley recommends the sativa strain Blue Dream for an uplifting high that will counteract fatigue or fullness. “They’re psychoactive (sativa strains), so they get in your head the mindset — ‘We’re eating,’ and you’re just going to chow down, and before you realize you’re full — just keep eating,” explained Kelley.

Querkle & Pork:

A more savory tasting indica, Querkle boasts an herb-like, earthy flavor that

adds seasoning to a juicy slab of pork.

“It’s like some incense almost, it’s pretty strong tasting,” said Kelley. According to Kelley, Querkle also works great with pork shish kabobs, rice and soup.

Holy Grail Kush & Ribs:

No need to worry about saving your breath when taking down this combo.

“It’s kind of got a funky smell to it. … It’s kind of got that barbeque hinty-ness to it I’d say — the smokiness,” said Kelley of the Holy Grail Kush. When eating ribs, the smell of your breath is usually the least

of your concerns, while the succulent taste of meat takes precedence. Adding Holy Grail Kush into the mix only amplifies these effects, as the relaxing indica takes hold of your mind and mouth, while the ribs do a delicious number on your taste buds and stomach.

Jilly Bean & Ice Cream:

“I’d say it smells like Fruity Pebbles almost. … It’s very sweet and flavorful,” said Kelley with a chuckle. Jilly Bean, a citrus-flavored hybrid strain, meshes well with a light ice cream like sorbet or vanilla. The best part is it’s half sativa, so even after a large meal and hearty dessert, the uplifting marijuana gives you a little extra energy for more activities after the feast. Because after all, barbecuing is about socializing just as much as it’s about eating, right?

Double check: Before lighting up, be sure smoking marijuana is allowed in your location. Marijuana is not allowed in public places or anywhere that cigarettes are also banned. On residential private property, retail marijuana consumption in any outdoor location is illegal unless the person is the property owner or lessee or has been granted permission by the property owner or lessee.

FUN FACT: When pairing marijuana with BBQ, Kelley recommends taking edibles or smoking out of a vaporizer pen to eliminate the taste of ash and smoke from mixing with your food.

Organix, 1795 Airport Rd., Breckenridge, (970) 453-1340, http://www.myorganix.com

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