The story behind the photo |

The story behind the photo


Camera model: Canon 70D

Lens (focal length): 17 mm

Shutter speed: 1/160 sec

Aperture: f6.3 | ISO: 200

Location of shot: Boreas Pass, Breckenridge

Time of day: 9:41 a.m.

Comment on the shot:

Super easy shot to get, as you simply lie down on the ground and point the camera up, or at least shoot from close to the ground up. Just point the camera up and move the viewfinder around until you find the trees, leaves or pattern you like, focus, and you’ve got a great picture! Make sure not to stare at the sun through your viewfinder.

About the photographer:

Jenise Jensen enjoys sharing the beauty and opportunities of living in Summit County, having lived and worked here for 13 years. In her recreational time she can be found skiing, hanging out with her rescued (and aptly named) canine pal “Lucky,” or strolling around town with a camera. Her favorite photographic subjects are sports, performing arts, wildlife and night photography.


Camera model: Canon EOS 70D

Lens (focal length): 221 mm

(100-400 Canon lens)

Shutter speed: 1/125 sec

Aperture: f/5 | ISO: 200

Location of shot: Heeney Road near Green Mountain Reservoir

Time of day: 8 a.m.

Comment on the shot:

This is a good example of “always be ready.” I came around a corner on this road and there stood these two young deer, but they didn’t stand still for very long. Fortunately I had my camera ready and sitting in my lap so I pulled over and snapped this shot before they turned and ran.

Camera model: Canon PowerShot SX60 HS (considered a “bridge” camera, not a full DSLR, smaller, lighter, easier to carry hiking)

Lens (focal length): 16 mm

Shutter speed: 1/1000 sec

Aperture: f/5 | ISO: 100

Location of shot: Lower Blue River Valley north of Silverthorne, Gore Range

Time of day: 3:30 p.m.

Comment on the shot:

This shot was tricky due to the variation of lighting conditions. The human eye can adjust for these, while the camera cannot. I had to either expose for the bright sky and mountain, or for the darker foreground. I set the exposure for the brighter mountains, which initially left the darker foreground very dark, but I then lightened the dark areas using Lightroom. All of the data was already there, but Lightroom let me bring it out. I try to only use software to let the photograph look like what I actually saw with my eyes.

About the photographer:

I set out each day not sure what I will be photographing, but I always find things of interest to shoot.

I enjoy sharing with others what I see in my travels around Summit County and Colorado, and consider myself lucky to live is such an amazing place. Photography is in my blood, as my grandfather had a photo studio in Bozeman, Montana, many years ago when I was a kid. But most importantly,

I have a very understanding wife who tolerates me spending my free time doing what I love.

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