This week in Summit County history: Modern Electrical equipment to be installed at Jessie |

This week in Summit County history: Modern Electrical equipment to be installed at Jessie

Compiled by the Breckenridge
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This Week in Summit County History
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This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of May 9-13, 1916.

George Roth of the Jessie mine who has been in Breckenridge for the past two weeks, giving his personal attention to work under way at the property, states that extensive improvements are to be made at the mine, the most important of which will be the installation of electrical equipment for all power purposes.

Negotiations are now in progress relative to running a power line to the mine and electrical machinery companies are estimating on the necessary machinery. It is proposed to dispense entirely with steam power and to run mine and mill by modern electrical equipment, with a view to reducing cost and increasing efficiency of operation.

Great quantities of low-grade ore are available in Jessie ground and with the proper machinery, enabling economical and extensive operation, it is believed that one of the biggest mining enterprises in the West will ultimately result.

Last month, nearly a thousand tons of ore were mined and milled, all this being done under various difficulties, delay in receiving coal being one of the principal draw backs and causing suspension of mill work at times.

A necklace of 77 Breckenridge nuggets

There has been on exhibition at the Smith jewelry store this week, a necklace made up of gold nuggets. It is the property of Miss Mamie Kingsbury, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Kingsbury of this place. She sent the necklace from New York City to afford Breckenridge people an opportunity of viewing it. There are 77 nuggets in the handsome design, all of which are products of Breckenridge placers and washed out by Colonel Kingsbury.

Miss Kingsbury is a member of a grand opera company and has attained much success as a singer. She has traveled extensively over Europe and the string of nuggets has accompanied her. Everywhere the golden ornaments have been greatly admired, and many notable personages, among them members of royal families, have examined them with the utmost interest.

Bride finds rancher dead in tank

Haswell—William Sands, a prominent rancher residing south of this place, was found dead in a stock water tank on his place by his bride of six weeks. There was a rope around his neck, to which was tied a heavy rock.

Friendly snake causes consternation at depot

Railroad men are presumed to possess great dignity, calmness, suavity and aplomb, whatever that is. True to the habitual demeanor of their craft, Speed Fry and Martin Waltz usually perform their routine duties cooly and undisturbed amid the jeers of the populace, and even when bombarded with succulent bonmots by local wits, manage to retain a firm hold on their poise, but when Conductor Ward of the local freight walked into their office Friday morning accompanied by a large and enthusiastic snake, Messrs. Fry and Waltz chucked dignity, deportment and business cares to the wind and grabbing their courage in one hand and their hats in the other, scampered for places of safety. Although Mr. Ward explained that the snake was of the harmless bull variety, Mr. Fry has a vague belief that there is some sort of a connection between the snake and 99 gallons of booze which arrived at this station last month.

Pay roll

The pay roll of mines, mills and dredges adjacent to Breckenridge reached over $80,000 in April. This does not include wages for teamsters or those engaged in occupations incidental to mining nor payments by mines and mills in other sections of the county outside Breckenridge district.

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