Keystone Hotels

Keystone, Colorado, Accommodations and their Neighborhoods

When it comes to finding accommodations in Keystone, Colorado, you’ll be delighted at the ease that it takes. This little resort area boasts more than 1,200 properties between its six neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods has its own personality and different features. This makes staying in Keystone, Colorado, accommodations an excellent option if you’re visiting Summit County, because the choices there can be customized to all varieties of trips. A family vacationing in Keystone, Colorado, may appreciate the spacious room that a multi-bedroom mountain house offers. A couple on a romantic getaway can cozy up in a charming bed and breakfast. A group of friends taking a weekend excursion will get the true ski resort town experience in authentic ski lodges, complete with roaring fireplaces in the lobby. And the skier who lives for the slopes will sleep soundly in a swanky ski-in/ski-out studio-condo. See what we mean? A free shuttle service runs between the towns so you can access all of the area with ease, no matter where you’re staying. Keystone, Colorado, hotels have something for everyone. When deciding where to stay, think about what features you want and select the neighborhood from there.

Neighborhoods for Keystone, Colorado, Hotels

Your options of neighborhoods when searching for your Keystone, Colorado, accommodations are numerous. Those who want to maximize their time on the slopes like Mountain House’s close proximity to the ski school. In warmer weather, however, they may opt for a place in North Keystone where hiking and biking trails surround them. Or, if they prefer surf to turf, the views and water activities available in Lakeside Village will do nicely. River Run lies in the heart of all the action with various annual events and festivals happening there. Keystone, Colorado, accommodation choices usually take the form of condos. On the other hand, those who want something quieter may prefer to stay in the lodging in West Keystone or East Keystone, where they’re surrounded by the tranquility of the old growth forests but also just a quick shuttle ride to the attractions.