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Right Brain column: Snowy Peaks student artwork on display at senior center

Stephane Torruco is part of the Snowy Peaks art display in Frisco.

The Art Forum and the Summit County Arts Council unveiled an exhibit Feb. 12 featuring artwork by Snowy Peaks High School students. The collection will be up for a month at the Summit County Community and Senior Center, 0083 Nancy’s Place, Frisco. It spans several years of art education at Snowy Peaks and includes paintings, mosaics, masks and tiles.

The students with artwork in the exhibit talk about their pieces and what art means to them.

What does art mean to you?

“Art is a way to let people express their feelings and emotions along with beauty.” — Logan Maxwell, 17

“Without art, life is meaningless.” — Mike Knutz, 17

“Art is a way for people to express what they see and feel.” — Maddie Oddo, 17

“Art makes me feel creative and happy. It is my way of freeing my imagination. Art helps me be more in touch with nature, colors and my surroundings.” — Mirka Portillo

What is your favorite

medium to use in your art?

“I’m all over the place with my art. I’m a sketch artist, welder and I write and play music.” — Mike Knutz, 17

“Metal. I like the variations in detail, the general versatility and the difference in scale that an adequate metal worker can implement.” — Andrew Brock, 16

Tell us about your piece of art in the show. What inspired you in the creation of this piece?

“I have a painting of the mountains and a sunset, which was inspired by how pretty I think sunsets are. I also have a mask with a third eye and feathers, which was inspired by the third eye.” — Maddie Oddo, 17

“I made the dark painting with the white dots along it. I love to do abstract and more bizarre art. I made that particular painting because everyone else in my class was doing more bright and outdoorsy pictures, and I wanted to do something different than everyone else.” — Rachelle Landis, 16

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