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On the Hill: On the Road from Trollhaugen

On the Hill is brought to you by The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.

VIDEO: ZGriff and the Nightmare team have made it from Chicago to Trollhaugen in the great state of Wisconsin. It was great to finally get to ride at this famous Midwest spot home to so many amazing rippers. The team takes laps with the locals on the hyper-fast tow rope in the heat of the night. Much love and thanks to the good people at Troll for extending us the invite and for showing us such a good time. We get to see some incredible relics from shred history including the original SledDogs, an alpine surfer and also an original Surfer signed by Sherman Poppen and written on it “the Beginning” 1965. The most amazing piece of memorabilia I’ve ever held in my hands.


WEATHER: Sunny with a high near 28 degrees, low of 11 degrees. Wind 6 to 8 mph.

REPORT: Sun and fun out there.