Dillon Shopping

Dillon, CO, Shopping

When you get the itch to shop, the Dillon, CO, shopping scene is a great place to go if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or want to stay inside a budget. Many may pass up stopping in Dillon, CO, as they head to the nearby Silverthorne outlets. If we’re being honest, though, we can’t get through the day without those basic essentials, and the shops in Dillon, CO, prove to be a saving grace. Fix your glitchy phone at a service provider. Did cold days on the mountain leave you with a case of the sniffles? Pick up some medicine from the pharmacy and get back to the slopes. Update your kitchen gadgets with the help of home goods stores. The shop owners and staff at these businesses are friendly locals and often happy to help with whatever you may need. Dillon, CO, shopping falls within four primary locations: along Route 9, off of La Note Street, Lake Dillon Drive and in Dillon Ridge Shopping Center. Dillon is small so you can move from one spot to another with ease.

Dillon, CO, Shopping is Diverse

Once you get all of that necessary stuff taken care of, it’s time to play! Don’t make the mistake of leaving Dillon, CO, just yet. The town may be small, but you’ll find variety within its stores and goods. Browse through the record collection at music stores. Swing by a pet store to select a new toy for your fur-baby. Heading to a special event? Pick up a floral arrangement from a florist to take with you. The town’s thrift stores are also popular Dillon, CO, shops to visit, with finds ranging from high-end ski gear to antique knick-knacks. If you’re visiting in the summer, you’re in luck. A seasonal farmer’s market on Fridays features the produce and products of the region’s farmers, artisan wares, bakers’ treats and more.