Things to Do – Breckenridge

Breckenridge Things to Do

The endless possibilities! The choices! The fun to be had! There are so many things to do in Breckenridge that you would need to live here for a long time before you’d ever get to all of them. This means that vacationers need to do a lot of pre-trip planning to take advantage of all the activities that interest them in the (short!) time they have! Undoubtedly, the most popular Breckenridge things to do begin and end on the mountains, whether that’s winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, sledding, skating or cozying in by a roaring fire with a good cocktail watching the snow fall or warmer weather activities such as hiking, biking, rafting or fly fishing in mountain streams. But there are lots of other endeavors to keep you interested. After a good day exerting yourself, a relaxing massage and spa experience is probably deserved. Or, you might want to go the route of taking a distillery, wine or beer tour – relaxing in its own right. If you still want to be outside but not necessarily in a heart-pumping mode, grab the clubs and go golfing, visit a park or playground with the kids or take a Wild West or weird local events tour. And, if you’re still looking for an unusual thing to do in Breckenridge, try your hand at panning for gold!

Breckenridge Things to Do Indoors

Despite the draw of the wondrous landscape, all Breckenridge things to do aren’t outside! If you like solving mysteries, visit one of the escape rooms. Tour historic buildings or spend the afternoon in one of the local museums learning about the town’s past. Go bowling or play some games of billiards. Indulge your creative side and take an art class while sipping wine (now, there’s a great pastime!). Breckenridge hosts film and music festivals that attract people by the score, and there’s also live theater. In keeping with the healthy population that calls this place home, head to one of the fitness centers and get in a good work out – there are rec centers with basketball, pools, indoor tracks, weight and cardio rooms, racquetball courts and more.