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Things to Do – Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain Things to Do for Winter Lovers

When it comes to Copper Mountain things to do, you can probably guess the obvious: winter sports. It’s no surprise that the resort’s main draw occurs during the winter when avid skiers and snowboarders can spend hours upon hours on the mountain. The slopes’ terrain in Copper Mountain is divided into trails for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers/snowboarders, so everyone at any level of ability can partake in the fun. Other Copper Mountain things to do during the winter season include ice skating, snow biking (yep, biking’s not just for summer), sessions at the local fitness centers or spas. In a place this picturesque, why not try and see as much of it as possible? A popular Copper Mountain thing to do is touring the location, whether by ski, snowmobile, bike, dogsled, zip line – the list goes on! Some tour companies offer preplanned tours where they shuttle you to different skiing locations so that you can experience a broad range of terrain in no time at all. Other places customize tours to your specific interests so that you experience Copper Mountain in the most fulfilling way to you.

Summertime Copper Mountain Things to Do

Unlike other Summit County towns, the activity in Copper Mountain doesn’t end with the cold weather. The beautiful alpine wilderness and watery fun at West Lake maintain a steady flow of activity in Copper Mountain year round. When warmer temperatures and sunshine fill the days, popular Copper Mountain things to do include bumper boats on the lake, mountain biking and the adrenaline junkies will feel a rush on a bungee jumping excursion. When you’re in Copper Mountain, you’ll discover boundless creativity influences its activities. Things to do like giant-size games of corn hole and Jenga or yoga sessions from a mountaintop prove this. In fact even the summer-snow park turns flakes into facts so that skiers and snowboarders in winter withdrawal can get their fix.