This week in history: Increasing bank accounts show prosperity of Summit County |

This week in history: Increasing bank accounts show prosperity of Summit County

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This week in history

One Use Only. Courtesy of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Archives, from the Agnes Miner Collection donated by the Colorado Springs Ghost Town Club [BHA.2015.1.4].

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of March 20 through March 26.

Breckenridge people have nearly $35,000 more in the bank today than 10 weeks ago. This pleasing financial condition is shown by the last published statement of the Engle Brothers Exchange Bank. The statement also indicates other improved financial conditions and is evidence of increasing prosperity for the camp in general and the individual.

Dec. 27, when the last preceding statement was published, individual deposits in the bank amounted to $26,168. The last statement shows these depots to have increased to $60,975, an increase of $34,807. Postal savings on Dec. 27, 1916, amounted to $3,307 and on March 5 of this year had increased to $4,033. These savings suffered depletion because of the demands of Christmas shopping, but it will be noted that they are recovering and toward the end of the year will have reached a substantial figure.

Only on few former occasions have deposits reached the figures of recent months. The bank is in the most prosperous period of its existence, itself significant proof of community and county prosperity.

Origin of the locomotive whistle

On a level crossing between Bagworth and Thorton in England, on May 4, 1833, there occurred an accident which gave us the locomotive whistle. Stephenson's locomotive "Samson" crashed into a cart containing 50 pounds of butter and 80 dozen eggs, says the Popular Science Monthly. Following the accident, a meeting of the directors was called, at which Stephenson suggested that a whistle blown by steam be used to give warning of an approaching train.

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US may declare state of war

Washington, March 20 — President Wilson is expected within the next 48 hours to indicate definitely that he believes a virtual state of war exists between the United States and Germany. News received from Plymouth that 15 men, some of them Americans, had been drowned when the American merchantman Vigilancia was sunk without warning by a German submarine, added, if possible, to the already grave view of the situation held here as a result of the destruction of the Vigilancia, the Illinois and the City of Memphis.

Fire does much damage at McClellen House

The John McClellen House on Ridge Street, occupied by Oscar Paris and family, was badly damaged by fire shortly after 8 o'clock Wednesday morning. The furniture and personal effects of the occupants were likewise considerably damaged, the entire loss reaching $1,000.

The fire companies did valiant work in attempting to save the structure and its contents, but owing to delay in turning in the fire alarm were greatly handicapped, the flames having gained much headway before their arrival.

The house was built of logs and was a Breckenridge landmark, having been erected in 1880. It is understood that there was no insurance. Cause of the fire is believed to have been due to an overheated stovepipe.

Largest bridge in the world

A bridge projected between San Francisco and Oakland will be the largest of its kind in the world. It will cost more than $2 million and will carry three roadways and four railroad tracks. The supports will consist of 16 spans, two of which will be large enough to allow passage beneath them of any ship entering San Francisco harbor.

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