This week in Summit County history: Women may act as jurors |

This week in Summit County history: Women may act as jurors

Compiled by Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
This Week in History

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago, the week of Dec. 19–23.

An amendment to the state law which would permit women to serve on juries in bootlegging cases has been suggested as a remedy for the condition which resulted in Judge Ira C. Rothgerber having been forced to dismiss a jury in a trial in which violation of the prohibition law was alleged.

Popular young people are united in marriage

Miss Adele Whatley and Gordon J. Brooks were made husband and wife Saturday evening last at the home of Rev. W.W. Gilberson, who performed the ceremony, which took place at 9 o'clock. Only the necessary witnesses were present.

Hook and Ladder dance

The Pioneer Hook and Ladder company will give its thirty-fifth annual grand ball Monday evening, January 1. That patrons will have a good time, there is no doubt whatever. You know you will have a good time if you go, and you know that you will go if you get the chance and you certainly will. Above all, don't forget the date. This is no ordinary affair.

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Snowed in

Joe Childers of Ida Bell, near Montezuma, has spent most of the week in Breckenridge, stating that the recent heavy snow-falls have interfered with his work at the mine where the same good ore showing in evidence. Two cars of ore are in readiness for shipping to Denver, but the ore is so thoroughly snowed in that it is probable that it will not reach Denver before spring.

One killed in fire

One was killed in the fire which destroyed the inter-Ocean hotel at Cheyenne.

Metal Mining Association will advertise Summit County; to issue book in spring

Another spirited and interesting meeting of the Summit County Metal Mining Association took place last Tuesday evening. A good attendance was in evidence and several important issues were taken up and discussed, resulting in definite conclusions that will undoubtedly prove beneficial to Summit County.

Among these was the determination to inaugurate a publicity campaign and a committee was appointed with specific instructions to prepare descriptive matter for publication in book form, which will be distributed in as thorough manner as possible, with a view in disseminating complete and reliable information concerning Summit County.

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