Fun summer activities to do while high (sponsored) |

Fun summer activities to do while high (sponsored)

by Leo Wolfson, brought to you by Organix

Summertime in Summit County is a short, but sweet season, with many different outdoor opportunities to pick from. Many people have the perception that smoking marijuana automatically makes one lethargic and lazy, but Victoria Osborne of Organix Dispensary in Breckenridge begs to differ. The way she sees it, marijuana can actually be a potential enhancer that adds a green curiosity to your summer outdoor adventure.

"If you're smoking this with the mindset, 'Oh this is going to make me lazy,' you'll be lazy. If you smoke and say, 'I'm going to go on an adventure,' you're going to have an adventure," Osborne said.

We've compiled four great carefree activities that Osborne suggests trying while high.

For starters: 21+ ONLY

Smoking marijuana may now be legal in Colorado, but only for those 21 years of age or older. When purchasing from a dispensary, remember to bring your government-issued identification and also keep in mind that you are only allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana at any time.

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1. Hiking

Countless opportunities exist for hiking in Summit, but Osborne stresses that for less frequent marijuana-users, it's important to smoke in moderation.

"You don't want to get yourself too stoned, because 14ers require a lot of energy and paying attention to what you're doing," she explained.

For those with a lower tolerance, a relaxed trek through the woods can provide a wonderful adventure that avoids serious physical and mental exertion.

Best Spots: Lily Pad Lake, Lake Dillon Recpath, Mohawk Lakes

2. Bird watching

There's a lot to see when it comes to birds in our high-alpine environment, and needless to say, there's a lot more out there than your run-of-the-mill pigeon. Warblers, sparrows, and magpies are common, as well the occasional hawk and bald eagle. Crows are bigger here as well, mostly in the form of ravens, with large bodies and menacing talons. For those more inclined to gentler specimen, ptarmigan and Rosy-finches can also be found.

Best Spots: Green Mountain Reservoir, Lake Dillon, Blue River Campground

3. Stand-up paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by any level of participant, and even a slow, stoned pace will leave you on the edge of your board with excitement. Imagine gently dipping a paddle into the cool depths of Lake Dillon as emerald green and snow-white peaks reflect across the water, creating a contentment of pure bliss. However if all that sounds a bit too flowery, the Blue River is another great paddleboard destination providing more of an adrenaline rush.

Best Spots: Lake Dillon, Upper Colorado River, Blue River

4. Plant and mushroom hunting

Many wild plants exist in Summit that can be used for edible or herbal purposes. A smattering of different berries can be found but mushroom hunting is probably one of the most fascinating endeavors to be had while high. Up to 20-25 edible mushroom species can be found in the county, of which the delectable porcini and morel are most popular, but also rare. The Dillon Ranger District offers free personal-use mushroom permits that allow for up to five gallons of mushrooms to be picked a day.

Before eating wild plants, it's important to do prior research so you are certain what you are eating is not poisonous.

Best Spots: White River National Forest, Eagle's Nest Wilderness, Keystone, Straight Creek.

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