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1-16-11 Where Ullr Fest will be sorely missed

Special to the DailyWarm birthday wishes go out today to Summit County resident Leo Causland from all his friends.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is already looking forward to Ullr Fest 2012!

Yes, the grand week of festivities and snow celebrations in honor of our favorite Norse god of snow has come to an end. And we are taking some time (now that we don’t have parties, bonfires and Ullympic competitions to attend every night) to look back on the 48th annual Ullr Fest. It was definitely a success, with much awesome chili, booze and good ol’ fashioned frying pan fun had by all.

Ullr himself appears to have been pleased with the week’s events as well, as he is gracing the county with favorable forecasts to help ease the saddness of the conclusion of another Ullr Fest. Those snow men and women down in Boulder who wield the power of that Doppler thingy are saying we are likely to get some more powda tonight and all day tomorrow. Guess we know what we’ll be doin’ later today.

(Brief silence while we are side-tracked by daydreams of fresh powder shredding).

OK, we’re back!

Anywho, as we were saying, the Ullr traditions and merry-making also give us an opportunity to reflect on our community reputation as we enjoy our annual week at the center of the attention of most of the snow-loving world. The parade, of course, is one of the most awesome parts of what is, without a doubt an extremely awesome week. Aside from free candy being thrown out on the street, moving ski jumps and hot tub floats, there were some goings-on at this year’s parade that may not have been so awesome.

Which brings us to our Scum Alert, or, maybe more appropriately dubbed, Drunken Floater Alert in this case.

One reader and Ullr-parade attendee dropped a note on Friday that read as follows:

“I feel compelled to write about yesterday’s parade and feel there are some instances that should be addressed to all of us who love our town.

I have always loved the whole week of praying for snow and the parade is a huge event that people from all over the world attend. Yesterday was good, but I was embarrassed by a few things going on.

First, the people throwing snow balls into the parade disturbed me, though I’m sure it was all in fun, those actions contribute to the condoning of more serious actions by those bystanders with no community ties to anyone in the parade and could lead to undesirable consequences.

Second, the actions of those that were throwing their beer cans into the totes and truck after (one) demonstration were downright dangerous. At least one of those cans was at least half full and could have really hurt one of the many children enjoying the parade. One bounced off and almost hit an infant in her mother’s arms!

Third, and most disturbing of all was (a certain float, the name of which has been withheld). They were not so bad during the actual parade, although the language could have been toned down. However, afterwards, they proceeded to (a store) parking lot and were screaming through the loud speaker at friends that worked there and at passers-by… lewd, crude profanities and racial remarks as well that no one wants to hear, let alone small children, and there were many. Many families were from out of the country and one of our most valuable assets is tourism. What are we thinking? Breckenridge should be progressive as we all like it to be, but we are also a very family-oriented community and the loud indiscreet profanities on loud speaker is just too much to go unnoticed or tolerated. I hope you will print something to let the people of the community, as well as those visitors trying to enjoy our paradise, know that this is not the norm or condoned as appropriate behavior. If we continue to act this way I am concerned the parade will get shut down in its present form or the very public that keeps us alive will go elsewhere. If we must continue to act this way we should at least tell the public it is not for children. Drink responsibly and respect others are still good lessons to carry on. I doubt I would ever hire or patronize those that behaved in such a way.”

There ya have it.

On an entirely unrelated note, we’re sending out many happy returns to Summit County local Leo Causland who is celebrating the date of his birth today! Leo, may all your birthday presents not be socks and may your hair not get too close to the candles on your cake and catch on fire, a fate that nearly befell someone we know on a recent birthday.

Some good news for Lynx in Colorado and much of the western United States this week: Federal lawyers decided not to fight a judge’s decision requiring biologists to recalculate the endangered species’ “critical habitat” to potentially include parts of Colorado.

Word is lynx across country the celebrated the news by taking down a few Snowshoe Hares.

Representatives of the lynx population said they will likely build a hotel and possibly a new condo development on any new Colorado habitat awarded to them as a result of the ruling.

Hey, can’t fight capitalism.

We out.

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