To the death |

To the death

Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Two moose were recently discovered frozen in battle and encased in ice near a remote village on Alaska’s unforgiving western coast.

Jeff Erickson, the student activities director of Bering Strait School District in Unalakleet, captured the stark image of the massive animals poking through the ice as they lay on their sides with antlers apparently locked together.

Erickson said in an email to The Associated Press Friday that he grew up in the area and has hunted for 50 years, but has never seen anything like this, “frozen in time.”

Erickson says a friend made the discovery a couple days before he saw the moose himself.

He says it took a few hours to remove the animals from the ice, recovering some of the spoiled meat for dog food and trapping bait.

—The Associated Press

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