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5 great wintertime cannabis strains

Strains aren’t necessarily seasonal, but some strains just exude wintertime vibes

By Lauren Glendenning
For the Summit Daily

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There are some cannabis strains that stand out above the rest in terms of fitting in with Summit County’s winter lifestyle.
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Nothing says wintertime like a cannabis strain that smells like Christmas.

While cannabis strains can vary throughout the year, most strains are available year-round. There are some strains that stand out above the rest in terms of fitting in with Summit County’s winter lifestyle, though. The budtenders at Organix in Breckenridge say it’s common for customers to seek out specific strains during different seasons. They love to point folks toward Star Killer around the holidays because of its evergreen scent, but the appeal of other winter-friendly strains comes in the form of the highs they deliver.

Some folks want an adrenaline-packed sativa to aid in their outdoor adventures, while others are looking for the strain that will calm them down after a long day on the slopes. Whatever your activity of the day may be, here are five strains that aim to please this winter.

Star Killer

Star Killer is an indica strain that smells like a Christmas tree.
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This indica strain is one of Organix’s all-time favorites. While those who love it enjoy it all year, it’s an excellent wintertime strain because it tastes and smells like a Christmas tree.

“It has a very piney, very evergreen taste and aroma,” according to one Organix budtender. “It’s great for relaxation and to help you sleep. I sleep so soundly on Star Killer it’s like a time warp until my alarm clock goes off.”

Organix ranks is as one of the top 5 indica strains of all time.

Jack Flash

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For an uplifting, cerebral high this winter that doesn’t affect the body a whole lot, reach for Jack Flash. The budtenders say it’s a great strain for spending time in the great outdoors.

It has a nice, citrusy lemon flavor with some skunky undertones, and it’s a fantastic strain for doing active things.

Because it’s not an anxious high, the staff at Organix say it’s great for keeping focus. Many people like to use it when doing chores around the house because it can help get you super locked in to what you’re doing.

Lucky Charms
50-50 Indica-Sativa hybrid

Organix is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Breckenridge, Colorado.
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This hybrid strain is something Organix recommends for a mellow activity outside like a hike because it doesn’t make most people lethargic. While it might offer a bit of an “off switch” for the brain, it won’t put you on the couch all day or night.

It also tastes like lucky charms thanks to a sweet, marshmallowy flavor. It’s one of Organix’s favorite hybrids of all time.

Kandy Kush

Organix offers one of the widest selection of products in Summit County. The staff strives to provide customers with the highest quality cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and accessories at affordable prices.
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This heavy indica should be the weed of choice for winter relaxation. If you’ve had a long day on the slopes, cross-country skiing or some other activity and you want to cook some dinner, watch movies and maybe hit the hot tub, this is your strain.

Kandy Kush is a great relaxation strain for hanging out, chilling and shutting the brain down, according to Organix budtenders.

Because strains affect people differently, it’s possible this one could make some people sleepy, but it’s generally a dependable strain for relaxation.


Organix values quality and only sells cannabis grown with passion and science. (Ask about their house-grown strains.)
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Flight is a strain that deliver none of the raciness some people might feel with other sativas. Organix budtenders say it’s a mellow, euphoric high that feel much more like a hybrid.

“It’s really stoney,” said one budtender. “It’s a good one that won’t put your body down and out like an Indica.”

The strain’s aromas and flavors are fruity and earthy — reminiscent of red wine.

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