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A 007 Wine in the Pines

Kimberly Nicoletti
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Wine in the Pines is once again shaking (not stirring) things up with its 007 theme Oct. 22.

Like Bond, James Bond, the event has sheer magnetism: Debonair secret agents, femme fatales and villains will add to an evening of intrigue and entertainment, but the main attraction will be the approximately 500 international wines placed upon linen-clothed tables lining the perimeter of the huge dining room, and the amazing cuisine and auction items that fill the center.

As for the food stations and the enormous chocolate table: “Relax, darling, (Keystone’s) on top of the situation.”

Chefs of AAA Four Diamond restaurants such as Keystone Ranch, Alpenglow Stube, Ski Tip Lodge and Der Fondue Chessel use the event as a friendly competition to showcase their best.

“Keystone always finds a way to make the dinner and the food spectacular,” said Jerry Hamill, director of development of United Cerebral Palsy.

“Every year, the chefs really outdo themselves, and I think they keep getting better and better,” said Keystone executive pastry chef Ned Archibald.

And Archibald’s no slacker when it comes to the gala: He works for weeks preparing a chocolate indulgence that just has to be seen and tasted to truly comprehend. His masterpiece includes larger-than-life wine bottles and Keystone logos, plus chocolate dipping fountains and an offering of 10,000 sweets, using 450-500 pounds of chocolates.

Though there’s no “right” way to enjoy the plenitude of wine, if you’d like to approach it like a pro, Megan Morgan, sommelier at Ski Tip Lodge, suggests sticking to about 10 samples; any more will just about numb the palette. To seriously suss out wines you prefer – or to sample a wide range – it’s best to swirl wine in the glass to allow oxygen in, then smell it. From there, take a small taste, and dump it out if you don’t like it or don’t want to ingest too much alcohol. When exploring a wide variety of samples, begin with sparkling and white wines, then move on to light reds and heavy reds, finishing off with desert wines. Wine representatives can help pair specific wines with chocolate or specific cuisine.

Beer was the “gateway” beverage to Wine in the Pines.

Dillon Ridge Liquor owners Mike and Margaret Smith started a beer tasting in Dillon after pledging to Cerebral Palsy (CP) of Colorado during a telethon. Their daughter, Kelly, saw the telethon and wanted to do more, so the Smiths asked how they could help.

“Beer in the Pines,” so to speak, grew to a wine-pairing dinner at The Ranch, then eventually expanded to its current form, which accommodates 800 to 1,200 people a year at the Keystone Conference Center.

Kelly Smith was born with cerebral palsy, a kind of catchall name that came about in the 1940s describing any kind of birth injury, which results in deprivation of oxygen to the brain.

“The biggest misnomer is that it’s a disease,” said Judy Ham, president and executive director of CP of Colorado. “It is a condition. You work around it. Many people can cope (very well) with it; it’s not progressive.”

Since the 1940s, researchers have named specific syndromes and have discovered that methods such as forceps or certain viruses can cause damage to a fetus or newborn.

Thanks to Wine in the Pines, which gives CP of Colorado about $100,000 a year, the nonprofit can run a variety of programs: RAMP pairs business leaders with kids with disabilities to explore career opportunities, and the Kelly Smith Employment Center, opened in 2007, has served 4,400 people statewide by providing benefit planning, resume help, employment services, retirement guidance and guardian assistance.

“We never set limits with people,” Ham said. “We help them meet their employment dreams … All of us want to be employed – all of us want to be needed, want to contribute. We think it’s a vital part of people’s life.”

Though Kelly Smith was never in a formal program through CP of Colorado, she went through physical therapy in a Denver hospital, and CP of Colorado “was always involved with the Smiths,” Ham said.

Mike Smith said the organization “helped emotionally quite a bit when we talked to them.”

One of the concepts staff members of the Kelly Smith Employment Center want to get across is that people with mental, physical or both disabilities can be key employees.

“Once a business hires (a person with a disability), they find the person changes the face of the office,” Ham said. “They often shine in demonstrating perseverance.”

Kelly Smith had worked at the Holiday Inn in Frisco for several years.

“Kelly’s always surprised at how much she can do,” Ham said. “They were very impressed with Kelly’s work ethic and her perseverance and determination. It just brings everybody up a little bit.”

Both the employment center and the mentor program are a direct result of money raised through Wine in the Pines.

“We couldn’t do it without the connections of the Smiths and Keystone and the community,” Ham said. “It’s really evident how much your community comes together to help each other.”

1) The “Relax, darling, (Keystone’s) on top of the situation” quote in this story came from what Bond movie (obviously, minus the Keystone insertion)?

2) What 007 movie are these quotes from: “Explosive alarm clock, guaranteed never to wake anyone that uses it,” and “stop fiddling around with things you don’t understand.”

3) In “GoldenEye,” Bond said these “(fill in the blank) change; the lies stay the same.”

4) In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Q said to Bond: “You have a license to kill, not (fill in the blank).”

5) In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Bond said, “They print anything these days” after he did what?

6) Who said this, and in what 007 movie: “Do you want to put that into English, for those of us who don’t speak spy?”

7) Cerebral Palsy of Colorado has helped people for how many years?

8) CP of Colorado’s nearly 7,000-square-foot “life cycle” employment center is named after whom?

9) Where has she spent many years working locally?

10) What Summit County services also benefit from Wine in the Pines?

1) “Diamonds Are Forever”

2) “License to Kill”

3) Governments

4) Break the traffic laws

5) After dropping a guy into the newspaper printer

6) Christmas in “The World Is Not Enough”

7) 65

8) Kelly Smith

9) Holiday Inn, Frisco

10) Bristlecone Health Services and Timberline Adult Day Service

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